A Short Story of Myling


Myling was formed in 2003 by Philip Halldén. Although primarily a solitary act, Halldén joined forces with others on occasions, particularly Stupor Schwärze (former member of Ich Bin Laden and various solo projects), Susanna Trangius (from the Swedish-American performance group CTB - Centre for Transgressive Behaviours), Johanna Rosenqvist (KOEFF, former member of Institut), Erica Li Lundqvist (Down in June and Lovac).


Myling was put to rest in 2013 and is currently defunct.


Clarification concerning "Squeggmarches" (updated, August 2016)


In response to a few inquiries lately concerning the demise of Myling and rumours about a release that never saw the light of day, I have decided to make this statement here:


It is true that Myling recorded new songs in 2012-2013, intended for an album of sorts with the working title "Squeggmarches". But I neither had the time to fully complete the project, nor the energy to promote it, and shortly afterwards I decided to put Myling to rest and focus on other things in life. Then I also went through a personal crisis which contributed to my lack of interest in resurrecting the "Squeggmarches" project. After all, Myling was dead. Most of the songs are however still existing, and I am open to suggestions in case someone would be interested in releasing the "Squeggmarches" album (posthumously so to speak, since I have no intention of resurrecting Myling as such). In that case, please feel free to contact me via






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