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A Short Story of Klaustrostudio


Klaustrostudio is located in Malmö, Sweden, and has been a provider of sounds, music, performances and various events since 2003. In a sense it could be described as a label, although we would rather prefer to think of Klaustrostudio as our own special playground and a state of mind, characterized by generosity as well as a sense of rigour, perhaps even intolerance, at least towards those who doesn't recognize the gravity as well as the fun of having to respect your instincts and listen carefully to the gealdors of old.



Video based on bits and pieces from the event Lucia Obscura by the Black Fashion Bureau, held in Gothenburg in December 11, 2010, including live performance by "Klaustrostudio Darkstars" (Myling & KOEFF). Video by Jens Klevje.

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